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123movies considers it one of the most popular and popular sites for online users to download free movies and TV series online. In December 2017, the creators of 123movies launched a streaming site dedicated to anime called AnimeHub. to be. Before changing to 123movieshub. Fans, often against the law, supported and downloaded content from sites like the 123movies online website without thinking of any consequences. 

The 123movies Bollywood section allows netizens to watch and download Hindi and other Indian movies for free. These pirated films are uploaded immediately or prior to release. It is a global piracy website that allows the world to download vast amounts of pirated movies and shows for free from Netflix and other sources. The site was called the "Most Popular Illegal Site" in the world by the American Film Association (MPAA) in March 2018, and was closed a few weeks later due to criminal investigations by Vietnamese authorities. 123 Movies included HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray and camera quality movies. changed to gostream. This website not only allows users to download content, but also allows users to view content online through various Steam Points.

In October 2018, an update to the MPAA's US Trade Representative to Online Notorious Markets said the closure of 123movieshub, 123movies, gostream and gomovies through a criminal investigation in Vietnam in 2018 was a "significant development". We end illegal movie piracy services. Anyone can easily find movies and shows from the search button along with their name, and the site effectively navigates the incredibly vast amount of content available on the website to provide to searchers. The MPAA said in March 2018 that the site was "the most popular illegal site in the world" and operates in Vietnam, with an estimated monthly visitor number of 98 million. to other domains including 123movies. 123movies is also linked to several other websites that offer pirated content. It was the "most used pirate website" in the UK.

The video hosting companies and players I used included Openload, Streamango, and MyCloud. This site allows users to easily download pirated videos from all over the world for free. According to SimilarWeb data, "26 million unique visitors worldwide" in August 2016. In October 2016, the MPAA listed 123Movies in the US Trade Representative's (USTR)'s online notorious market overview, saying: Alexa ranking 559 And the local ranking is 386 in the US This has led to a decline in film collections around the world, but the MPAA report also noted that numerous imitation sites have emerged in at least eight countries.March 19, 2018, a note on the site homepage It announced the closure and urged users to "respect filmmakers by paying for films and TV shows."

The site went through several name changes after being shut down on a different domain. Sometimes the name appears as "123Movies" and other times it appears as "123movies". The original name and URL were 123movies. This affects not only the film industry, but also cinemas where the film continues to run on the screen. From July 2020, the network is still active through clone sites. 123 movies. 123movies has long been leaking content from the global film and TV community. Many famous directors and producers have filed multiple complaints about this, but the government cannot solve the problem. And gomovies later. I've been online for months after 123Movies ended. GoMovies, 123Movies, MeMovies, GoStream, or 123movieshub is a network of file streaming websites operating in Vietnam that allows users to watch movies for free. In November 2018, TorrentFreak reported that sites linked to 123Movies such as WatchAsap, or similar sites, were shut down by the FBI, but were being redirected to other file sharing sites.

Before redirecting to gomovies. Sites like 123movies have affected many careers and box office numbers extensively. In October 2016, Business Insider reported 123 films. Here are the memovies. Piracy has become an international concern as it affects filmmakers and artists around the world. is) In the Online Notorious Markets overview of the US Trade Representative Office, the site is technically hosted in Ukraine, but states that: “The site goes through several steps to hide the operator's identity, including the use of Cloudflare, but this is a strong reason to believe that the operator is still in Vietnam. The content is cyber of numerous email accounts created at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Uploaded using locker.”

It reported that it was specifically listed. Earth. S. During the period of existence and termination, the site was covered by TorrentFreak in terms of features, uptime/downtime, termination and termination reasons. It remains until it is finished. In October 2017, the MPAA released 123Movies and GoStream. In March 2017, TorrentFreak talked to Vietnam's U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius about shutting down an illegal video streaming site operating in Vietnam with Truong Minh Tuan's regional intelligence and communication minister. 

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