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Kajol Devgan

Image Credits: Bollywood Hungama

Kajol was born on August 5, 1974 in Bombay (now Mumbai).

Kajol made her acting debut at the age of 17 with her mother Tanuja, who made her debut in the 1992 romantic drama Bekhudi, Dante Kamal Sadanah and her mother. Kajol played the girl Radhika, who falls in love with Sadanah's character despite her parents' wishes to marry another man. Although the film turned out to be a box office flop, Kajol's performance was in the spotlight, and she signed a contract with Abbas-Mustan's Baazigar (1993). Abbas-Mustan's Baazigar (1993) has had great commercial success and is the fourth highest-grossing film to earn globally. $18,250 million (US$260 million). Inspired by the American film A Kiss Before Dying, the film co-starred Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty, and saw Kajol starring the girl Priya Chopra, who fell in love with her sister's murderer. The film also recorded the first of many collaborations with Khan. Her performance was highly regarded, but Kajol was criticized for her appearance, and critics called it "horrible."

Recognized as one of the most successful actresses in Hindi films, Kajol has won numerous acclaims, including six Filmfare Awards, among which she has previously won the Best Actress Award for Best Actress by her aunt Nutan. In 2011, she was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honor from the Indian government.

Kajol, daughter of Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee, made her acting debut as Bekhudi (1992) while in school. She later quit her studies and had her first commercial success with Baazigar (1993), opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Having made a breakthrough role in the romance Yeh Dillagi (1994), she has starred alongside Khan in several blockbusters, including Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), both of which have been both with her wide public acknowledgment and two. It has won one Filmfare Awards. In the Best Actress category. Her career was further established during this period by financially beneficial family dramas, but her portrayal of the psychopath killer in Gupt (1997) and the Avenger of Dushman (1998) earned more of her critical appreciation.

Film critic Sukanya Verma described Kajol as "a contrasting personality." She said, "Think Kajol, think about your emotions. She's a brand of injustice or an emotion-sensitive type. Sometimes she's pure, evil fun." Initially referred to by journalists as "the impulsive and impatient guy", Kajol challenged the stereotypes of the Hindi movie heroine in several ways. Reporter Kaveree Bamzai explained, "She barely looks in the mirror, barely stares at the set monitor, which is the crutches of almost all unstable actors, wearing makeup only under extreme blackmail... and never seeing her old movies. Kajol has often been criticized in the press for being "not interested in maintaining looks through slimming, grooming, jewelry or fashion." Filmfare categorized her as "unique beauty," and added "Because he's not a person who follows trending norms, Kajol set his own rules in the 90s, when personality didn't work for most heroines."

Kajol was listed in the Indian box office "Top Actresses" for 5 consecutive years (1995-1999), taking first place in 1998. Following the success of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... and Fanaa in 2001 and 2006, Kajol is on Rediff.com's annual "Best Bollywood Actresses" list. Rediff.com also featured her on other lists such as "Best Bollywood Actresses of All Time", "Best Dressed Women" and "Top 10 Actresses of 2000-2010." Filmfare included two performances on its 2010 "80 Iconic Performances" list: Dushman and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (both in 1998). In 2012, Kajol was ranked #4 by NDTV on the list of "Most Popular Actresses in History" after Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Meena Kumari, Yahoo!. It introduced her as "one of the 10 most iconic beauties in Hindi movies." Kajol was included in Forbes India's'Celebrity 100', a list based on the income and popularity of Indian celebrities three times in 2012-2013 and 2017.

In 1998, Kajol took part in a concert tour "Awesome Foursome" with Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Akshay Kumar. After traveling to England, Canada and the United States, Kajol refused to join the world tour any more because he couldn't handle the "stress". She borrows the voices of two songs from Fanaa (2006): "Mere Haath Mein" and "Chanda Chamke". She appeared as a talent judge on Zee TV's 2008 reality show Rock-N-Roll Family, adding that the experience was "much harder than the movie." “But TV has a lot to do with a live audience. It changes for our actors.”

Kajol began dating actor Ajay Devgan in 1994 while filming Gundaraj. However, media members classified them as "unpleasant pairs" because of their contrasting character. Devgan explained their relationship, "We didn't rely on the usual'I love you' routine. There were no suggestions. We grew up with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent," explained their relationship. They got married on February 24, 1999 in Devgan's house at a wedding in the traditional Maharashtrian style. The wedding has been the subject of extensive media scrutiny, criticizing Kajol's decision to settle on "the pinnacle of her career" by certain members of the media. However, Kajol did not quit the film and insisted that she would reduce the amount of work she did.

After the launch of Ajay Devgan's production company Devgan Films (renamed Devgan Entertainment and Software Ltd.) in 1999, Kajol worked to build a website. In 2000, she launched the company's online portal Cineexplore. "I take every aspect of filmmaking into account," she said. "My role is a supervisor. You can overlook the process. We get our hands on everything. We're making software for TV and music." video. "Devgan founded another production company, Ajay Devgan FFilms in 2009. However, Kajol said that he was not involved in the production side of the company, but was involved in “overseeing everything” and directing. She was part of Prasar Bharati in 2016. Nominated as a Time member.

After filming for Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, who won the third Filmfare Award in 2001, Kajol took a sabbatical from regular acting and continued to work on rare occasions over the next 20 years. After a successful comeback as the romantic thriller Pana (2006), she starred in films such as U Me Aur Hum (2008), We Are Family (2010), My Name Is Khan (2010), and Dilwale (2015). Her performance at Fanaa and My Name is Khan has won two Best Actress awards at Filmfare. Kajol's top revenue came with the 2020 period film Tanhaji.

In 2002, Kajol was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Awards at the Youth Competition in Pradesh, Mumbai. She was one of four Bollywood actors, along with Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan, who released miniature dolls in Britain in 2006 under the name "Bollywood Legends". Kajol and the latter also became the first Indians. Actors invited to open NYSE American on NASDAQ shortly before the release of My Name Is Khan to promote the film. Next year, the Indian government awarded her Padma Shri for her contributions to Indian cinema. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis awarded her the Swabhimani Mumbaikar Awards. Kajol unveiled a wax figure statue at the Madame Tussauds Museum in London in 2018.

In addition to acting in films, Kajol is a social activist and is known for working with widows and children. She appeared as a Talent Judge for the 2008 reality show Rock-N-Roll Family and holds management positions at Devgan Entertainment and Software Ltd. Kajol is married to actor Ajay Devgan and has two children since. 1999.

In 2012, Kajol was appointed brand ambassador for Pratham, a children's charity, and to support it, she appeared in short films about education and literacy with students at Hanuman Basti Elementary School in Mumbai. That year, she made a documentary on the protection of girls as part of the Maharashtra government's campaign "Save Girls." For her contributions in the field of social service, Kajol was awarded the Karmaveer Puraskar.

Her mother, Tanuja, was an actor, and her father, Shomu Mukherjee, was a film director and producer. Shomu died of a heart attack in 2008. My sister Tani Shaa also learns. Her appearance was actor Nutan, and her maternal grandmother Shobhna Samarth and great-grandmother Rattan Bai both took part in Hindi films. Her real uncles Joy Mukherjee and Deb Mukherjee were filmmakers, while her father and maternal grandfathers Sashadhar Mukherjee and Kumarsen Samarth were filmmakers respectively. Kajol's cousins ​​Rani Mukerji, Sharbani Mukherjee and Mohnish Behl are also Bollywood actors. Another cousin of her, Ayan Mukerji, is a director.

Kajol has been actively involved in several charitable activities involving women and children. "Every child deserves education" because, according to her, "education is the foundation of society". She is affiliated with Shiksha, a non-governmental organization working in the field of children's education, and in 2009 launched a campaign to support that cause. In 2011, Kajol raised funds for the organization by participating in a fashion show hosted by the Cancer Patient Support Association. She is an international goodwill ambassador and sponsor of The Loomba Trust (particularly in India, a charity dedicated to supporting widows and children around the world). On this matter, she said, "It's a pity that widows are still considered a plague in our society. There are widows who can't get married yet. I feel strongly about them and take it as a social responsibility to eradicate the problem."

Kajol has won six Filmfare Awards, including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... (2001), Fanaa (2006), My Name Is Khan (2010) I did. ), Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)'s Best Villain (Best Performance in a Negative Role).

Starring in a series of family dramas, Kajol demonstrated her versatility as an actor with Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997), and later gained media attention for her unique approach to project selection. Her acting style has been described as "natural". According to The Hindu, "What Kajol is rich in is talent and comfort for expression. Kajol lives in her character without acting her scenes and conveying lines." Also, unlike most contemporaries, Kajol had a successful career after marriage and in motherhood. However, some media members attribute her success to friendships with Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan. He "still finds her central role in the film".

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